About Advanced Web Search

With the Yahoo Advanced Web Search, you can find search results that match very specific criteria. To get started, go to the Advanced Web Search page.

Build your search

We'll explain the various filters available in the order they appear in the Advanced Web Search.

Show results with

With these filters, you can specify words or phrases that you want Yahoo Search to find in a webpage or just in its title. Here's a rundown of the available filters.

Text box Explanation It's similar to...
all of these words Finds pages that contain all of these words. ...inserting AND or between words or the plus sign + before a word.
at least one of these words Finds results that match either one or more of the words. ...inserting OR between words.
the exact phrase Finds pages that contain the exact phrase. ...placing quotes (" ") around a phrase.
none of these words Finds results that do not include certain words. ...inserting NOT between the words or the symbol - before a word.

  Search Shortcuts - Speed up your searches with Search shortcuts. Learn more in our help article about shortcuts.


  • You can refine your search to sites with a specific domain suffix (the part at the end), such as .com, .edu, .gov, or .org.
  • You can also use the "only search in this domain/site" field to search only a particular domain, such as yahoo.com.

File Format

You can choose to restrict your search to a specific type of file. Here are the supported formats.

File extension File type explained
.htm, .html HTML (most websites)
.pdf Adobe PDF
.xls Microsoft Excel
.ppt Microsoft PowerPoint
.doc Microsoft Word
.txt Standard text file

SafeSearch Filter

You can choose to have explicit, adult-oriented content filtered out of your search results. If you'd like to keep this filter in place for all your web searches, you can select this option in your Yahoo Search preferences.

  Caution - Yahoo cannot guarantee that all explicit content will be removed from search results.


Yahoo normally searches websites from all over the world. You can use this filter to search just those sites from a particular country.


You can tell Yahoo to search for webpages that are written in a specific language.

To adjust your language settings for all of your Yahoo Search results (not just Advanced Search), change the setting in your Yahoo Search preferences.

Number of Results

You can choose to see a different number of results per page, between 10 and 100.

To change this setting for all of your Yahoo Search results (not just Advanced Search), change it in your Yahoo Search preferences.