Personalized results in Yahoo Search

Don't waste time searching through your Yahoo Mail account to find what you need. As long as you're signed in, Yahoo Search will personalize your results and provide instant access to package deliveries, coupons, or deals that were sent to your email. Though the default setting is to enable these personalized results, you can customize your preferences, or opt-out all together.

  Personalized results on shared devices - If you share your device, we recommend signing out each time you're finished or opting out to keep your data secure.

Privacy concerns

The info for the personalized results will be pulled from your Yahoo Mail account and will be visible only on your device. If you've added any other accounts, such as your Gmail or AOL account, you'll also be able tor receive results from those accounts as well. Keep in mind, if you share your device with someone, they may be able to view your results if you don't sign out.

Available results

  • Package delivery - Don't guess when your recent purchases will arrive. Enter the business's name and your delivery notifications will be displayed.
  • Deals and coupons - Never worry about missing out on a good deal again. Enter the business's name and all your recent deals and coupons will be displayed.


If you don't want your personalized info to show up in search results, turn it off through your Yahoo Search Preferences.

  1. Go to your Yahoo Search Preferences.
  2. Under "Personal results," deselect the results you want to remove.
  3. Click Save