Make Yahoo Search your default search

You can make Yahoo Search the default search engine in your Web browser with a few quick steps.

  Save time! Install Yahoo Toolbar to get Yahoo Search available at the top of your browser.


Verified for version 36

  1. Click the Tools icon Image of the Google Chrome settings icon. | select Options.
  2. Click the Search tab.
  3. Under "Default Search Engine," select Yahoo from the drop-down.
  4. Click OK.

Don't see Yahoo Search? Click Add more search engines.


Verified for version 40

  1. Click the Settings icon Image of the Google Chrome settings icon. | select Settings.
    - The "Settings" tab appears.
  2. Under "Search," select Yahoo from the drop-down.
  3. Close the "Settings" tab.

Don't see Yahoo Search? 

  1. Click Manage Search Engines.
    - The "Search engines" window appears. 
  2. Mouse over Yahoo | Click Make default.
  3. Click Done.
    - The "Search engines" window closes.
  4. Close the "Settings" tab. 


Verified for version 7

  1. Click Safari | select Preferences.
    - The “Safari Preferences” window appears.
  2. Click the General tab.
  3. Select Yahoo from the Default search engine drop-down.
  4. Close the "Safari Preferences" window.

Internet Explorer

Verified for version 10

  1. Click the Tools icon Tools menu icon | select Manage add-ons.
    The "Manage Add-ons" window appears.
  2. Click Search Providers.
  3. Click Yahoo.
  4. Click Set as default.
  5. Click Close.

Don't see Yahoo? You can install Yahoo Search from the Internet Explorer Gallery.