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Get a higher website rank

The best way to improve your site's ranking is to include unique content targeted to your audience. Following these guidelines can also help your pages to be more easily found:

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Best practices for website content

Key terms - When constructing your website text and pages, it’s a good idea to research and use key terms that your audience will use to search for your type of content.

Accurate page titles - Users are more likely to click a link if the title matches their search. Choose terms for your page titles that match the content of your documents.

Avoid text in images - Keep relevant text and links in HTML. Encoding your text in graphics or image maps can prevent search engines from finding the text or following links to your website's other pages.

ALT text for images - ALT text improves the searchability of the image content of your pages. It also makes your pages more accessible to text-only browsers and visually impaired site visitors.

Robots Metadata

Use a "Description" meta-tag and write your description accurately and carefully. After the title, the description is the most important draw for users. Make sure the document title and description attract the interest of the user as well as match the content on your site.

Learn about using robots metadata.


Adding an HTML/XML sitemap, with a link from your welcome page, can help make sure all your pages are crawled.

Familiarize yourself with the tools available in the Bing Webmaster Center.

Get other relevant websites to link to yours. Correspond with webmasters of related sites and other providers of relevant content in order to increase the number of links to your site.

  More best practices - Check out the Yahoo's website Guidelines.

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