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How to keep your pages from being cached in Yahoo Search

This article describes how to use metatags to prevent a cached version of your webpage or website from appearing in the Yahoo Search results.

The search engine saves snapshots of most of the pages it discovers during the web crawling process. We link to the cached page so that you can view the snapshot in case the live page is unavailable at the time of your search. When you view a cached page, you’ll see it as it looked when the search engine last indexed it, with search terms highlighted.

If you don’t want your content to be accessible through the cache link, you can change your webpage to use either of the following methods:

Apply the NOARCHIVE metatag:

Place the following tag in the section of your page:


Apply the NOARCHIVE Directive:

Configure your web server to place the following directive in the HTTP header:


The web crawler continues to index and follow links from the page, but it doesn't display a cached page link in search results. Please note this change will occur the next time the search engine crawls the page containing the NOARCHIVE tag or directive. This typically takes place at least once per month.

Please note that NOARCHIVE only removes the cached page. To prevent the page content from being indexed, use the NOINDEX tag. To prevent the crawler from following links from a webpage, use the NOFOLLOW tag.

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