About Yahoo Search Predictions

Get more accurate results faster with predicted search terms. As you enter search terms, predictive words or phrases will appear based on the most popular or similar searches from other users.

Pick the best match

Once you begin typing in the search bar, predictions will automatically appear in the dropdown below. Click on any of the predictions to complete your search using those terms.

View your search history

  • Search history can be cleared or disabled at any time.
  • If your search history is turned on, the predictions will feature relevant terms that you've used in past services.
  • Upward-pointing arrows move a past search into the search bar but will not conduct a search. Additional words may be added to the search query.
  • Once a past search is removed, it will no longer appear. Before removing your entire search history, consider keeping the words or phrases you use often.
  • On desktop computers, past searches will be shown in purple. Clicking the word "Remove" to the right of the prediction will remove that specific search from your history.
  • On mobile devices, search history predictions appear with a "clock" icon on the left of the prediction. Tapping on the "x" icon to the right of the prediction will remove that specific search from your history.

Rich predictions and direct answers

Once you begin typing, rich predictions will show images and additional info in the search bar dropdown or assistance tray. These predictions are specific and can help you find info faster.

Direct answers to certain words or phrases can also be found in the assistance tray along with the search predictions. For example, typing "Weather" in the search bar will show today's weather in your location

Related Searches

Find search predictions similar to your query in the "Searches related to" section. Use these predictions to make your query more specific about what you're looking for or to discover something new.

Search predictions not appearing

A prediction may be excluded If the query is too new, not appropriate or not popular enough.

Offensive search predictions are appearing

Search predictions can't be disabled, but can be ignored or reported by using the link on the bottom right of the list of offered predictions.

If you think a prediction violates one of the autocomplete policies , you can report it by:

  1. On your computer, go to https://search.yahoo.com .
  2. In the search bar, start typing a search.
  3. Predictions will appear below the search bar. Below the prediction, click Report inappropriate predictions.
  4. Provide your feedback and click Send.
  5. We'll analyze your feedback, but we don't automatically remove reported predictions.
All predictions, including offensive predictions, are based on user queries and do not represent the views of Yahoo Inc.