Get location-accurate search results

When you’re searching on Yahoo for location-sensitive information, such as restaurants or movie theaters, if we're not certain that your results accurately account for where you are, we’ll ask you for your precise location.

How does Yahoo determine precise location?

We rely on cell towers, your phone or tablet's GPS, and its Wi-Fi to fine-tune your location. To get the most accurate search results possible, make sure your phone or tablet has GPS and Wi-Fi both turned on (even if you’re not connected to a Wi-Fi network).

What if I don’t want to share my precise location?

We respect your privacy choices. If you choose not to share your precise location, the accuracy of your Yahoo Search results will be based on your IP address or your cached location.

  Note: Choosing not to share your precise location will lead to less accurate search results.

Sharing your location for better search results

Tap Use precise location button

  • You may be prompted to share your location with your browser: tap OK.
  • You will be prompted to share your location with “”: tap OK.

Success! Your search results will be updated with the most accurate results available.

  Unable to get a precise location? Learn how to fix location problems on: