Share your flights from Yahoo Search

With Yahoo Search private results, you can quickly find your flights, upcoming events, and pending package deliveries. But did you know you can also share your flight info?

  Keep in mind - Sharing your flight info on a social network like Facebook or Twitter means you're sharing it outside of the Yahoo network.

What's shared?

You can choose to edit what's shared before you share it. Here's what's shared by default:

  • A link that provides anyone accessing it with further updates on your flight's info.
  • Flight name.
  • Departure location.
  • Arrival location.
  • Scheduled arrival date and time.

Share a flight

  1. Sign in to Yahoo.
  2. Search for your flight in the search box.
    • Example searches - Flights or United Airlines.
  3. On the private search result for your flight, click the share icon for the service you'd like to use:
    • Tumblr icon Tumblr
    • Facebook icon Facebook
    • Twitter icon Twitter
    • Email icon Yahoo Mail
  4. Sign in to your account for that service, when prompted.
    - A preview of what will be shared appears.
  5. Edit the info before you share it, if you'd like.
  6. Click the appropriate share button - Create post, Tweet, Share, Send.

Learn about private search results

Get the rundown of what the private search results feature is, and how to use it on all of your devices: