Shortcuts in Yahoo Search

You can easily find what you're looking for with Yahoo Search shortcuts. Check them out, below.

Shortcut categories

Commerce and Shipping

Currency Exchange Rates
  • Syntax: Convert [currency type and amount] to [currency].
  • Example: convert 100 USD to Mexican Pesos

Shopping Results

  • Syntax: [brand name] [product type/number]
  • Example: Apple laptops

UPC Codes

  • Syntax: [UPC code]
  • Example: 1 23456 7899 9


Movie Showtimes

  • Syntax: showtimes [location]
  • Example: showtimes Phoenix AZ

Movie Trailers

  • Syntax: [movie title] trailer
  • Example: Edge of Tomorrow trailer

Health and Lifestyle

Health Results
  • Syntax: health term
  • Example: acne


  • Syntax: recipe [ingredient]
  • Example: recipe avocado

Local and News

Gas Prices

  • Syntax: gas [location]
  • Example: gas Dallas TX


  • Syntax: [topic] news
  • Example: California wildfire news

Local Search

  • Syntax: [location] [business type or name]
  • Example: New York restaurants

Stock Quotes

  • Syntax: [stock ticker symbol]
  • Example: YHOO

Sports Teams

  • Syntax: [team or league]
  • Example: Seattle Seahawks

Traffic Reports

  • Syntax: [location] traffic
  • Example: Los Angeles traffic


  • Syntax: [location] weather
  • Example: Miami weather


Basic Calculator (desktop/tablet only)

  • Syntax: [number] + - or * [number]
  • Example: 472-186

Convert Weights, Measures, and Temperatures

  • Syntax: convert [quantity] of [units] to [units]
  • Example: convert 12 inches to meters

Dictionary Definitions

  • Syntax: define [word]
  • Example: define hootenanny


Driving Directions

  • Syntax: directions to [location]
  • Example: directions to LA California

Airport Info

  • Syntax: [airport name/code] airport
  • Example: SFO airport

Hotel Comparisons

  • Syntax: [city name] [accommodation type]
  • Example: Boston Hotels

Flight Info

  • Syntax: [airline name] flight [flight number]
  • Example: Virgin America flight 201

Time Zones

  • Syntax: time [location]
  • Example: time Rome

Maps (desktop/tablet only)

  • Syntax: map [location]
  • Example: map San Francisco

  Did you know? On a desktop or tablet you can open Yahoo products right from Search — just enter the Yahoo product name followed by an exclamation point (like Finance! or Sports!).