Filter Yahoo Search results

Did you know you can refine a search by telling Yahoo to look for certain types of content? You can even filter your results with fine-tuned criteria. We'll get into that, below. But first, here's how to choose to search a specific type of content.

Choose a content type

  1. Go to Yahoo Search.
  2. Enter a search term and click Search.
  3. At the top of the page, click the content type you'd like (like "Web" or "Images"). If you don't see the content type you want, click More to see all available types.

Success! Your search now shows results for the type you chose. You can apply filters to refine your search further.

Top filters

Click a content type to see the kinds of filters available within it. Most filters have many criteria you can choose from, which change depending on your search term.


Time travel - Choose a time frame to see results specific to it.


  • Size - Select from large, medium, small sizes and wide, tall, or square shapes.
  • Color - Choose from preset color schemes, or pick a color.
  • Type - Filter for photos, graphics, animated GIFs, Clipart and more.
  • Time frame - See images from anytime, or starting with the most recently published.
  • License - Find images with licenses that allow you to use, modify, or share them.

  Filter out adult-oriented content - Learn how to adjust your Yahoo SafeSearch settings.


  • Length - Filter videos by their duration.
  • Date - See videos published in just the past 24 hours, week, or another time frame you choose.
  • Resolution - Filter by video quality, all the way up to high definition.
  • Source - Choose from tons of sources like Yahoo Screen, YouTube, and Dailymotion.


  • Source - Filter by news provider (like Yahoo Finance or Yahoo Sports).
  • Time frame - Find news published in the past hour, or a different period.


See results in a map view. Different filters are available depending on the type of business you're looking for.

More filters

You can search Yahoo sites like Sports, Finance, Shopping, Autos, and more, for Yahoo originals and content and results we've curated from around the Web.


  • Market - Select a country for results specific to it.
  • Category - Choose from a list Yahoo Answers categories.
  • Time Frame - Find answers posted recently or in the distant past.


Shopping filters will change a bit, depending on the product you're searching for. Here are the filters you can count on seeing.

  • Price - Filter by a preset price range, or set your own.
  • Brand - Choose your favorite.
  • Product specifications - Select from filters that adapt for the product you're looking for.
  • Stores - Choose from the a listing of merchants and stores.

  Don't see any filters? - You're search term is not quite specific enough. Try adding a product detail to your search term (like "Apple Laptops" instead of just "Laptops").


Choose between listings and articles on Yahoo Autos.

Once you click Listings, you can narrow your car search by price, type, color, year and much more.


  • Ingredients - Select the ones you don't want in your recipe results, and the ones you do.
  • Total Time - Find recipes that take longer, or fast ones for a meal on the go.
  • Rating - Choose the best of the best recipes, based on user ratings.
  • Diet - Filter by your dietary needs.
  • Meal Type - Find ideas for breakfasts, dinners, appetizers, and more.
  • Occasion - Get meal ideas for the summer, or the Super Bowl (and many occasions in between).
  • Source - Choose to search your favorite recipe website's content.


Search the vast and up-to-date inventory of Yahoo Sports coverage of your favorite teams and players.

Time frame - Find the very latest updates, or expand your search to a broader time period.


Search the best-in-class content available on Yahoo Finance, or look up a quote by searching its ticker.

Time frame - Find the very latest updates, or expand your search to a broader time period.


Search the latest celebrity news available on Yahoo Celebrity.

Time frame - Find the very latest updates, or expand your search to a broader time period.


Find word definitions, and see definitions in another language.


  • Category - Find games in the action, simulation, or casino categories and more!
  • Developer - Filter games by your favorite developers to find the best titles.

If the results still aren't what you are looking for, check out these search tips.