Report problems, feedback, and ideas to Yahoo Finance

Did you see an error on Yahoo Finance? Do you have a suggestion for something you'd like to see or an idea how Yahoo Finance could be improved? Report problems or submit feedback and ideas for Yahoo Finance.

Report a data error

If you find a data problem on Yahoo Finance, like a quote showing the wrong price or missing historical data, you can report it to Yahoo in our Yahoo Finance feedback forum.

Company name changes

When companies change names, there's a delay of 7-14 business days between when the company name is updated with the exchange and when the change is reflected on Yahoo Finance. If you don't see the updated company name 14 business days after the company's official name change, you can report it to Yahoo.

Report a correction to Edgar Online

U.S. Financials data on Yahoo Finance is provided by Edgar Online. If you see a problem with any U.S. Financials data you can contact Edgar Online through their customer support form. Changes that Edgar Online makes can take up to 16 days to be reflected on Yahoo Finance.

Give us feedback about Yahoo Finance

We want to make Yahoo Finance better and more useful for you. Give us ideas or suggestions about how to improve Yahoo Finance. Tell us about your favorite features.