Understand confidence points in Pick'em games

In addition to selecting the winner in a Pick'em group, commissioners of private groups have the option to enable confidence points. This extra scoring option adds a layer of difficulty and fun to standard game play. Finish with the highest point total at the end of the season to be the winner of your group.

How do confidence points work?

Confidence points are used to give different weight to each of the games during a given week. You'll assign a point value (from 1 to 15 if there are 15 games, 1 to 14 if there are 14 games, etc.) to each game based on how strongly you feel about the accuracy of your pick. If your selection is correct, you'll receive points equal to the confidence point value you associated with that game. You do not lose points for an incorrect selection.

Each confidence point value may be used only once per week. So, during a 15-game week, after you've assigned 15 points to a game, your next highest available value is 14 points.

Each week's points will be tallied, and the player finishing with the highest total at the end of the year will be the winner of the group.

Confidence points for missed games

If you forget to make a selection for an early week game, you can still select confidence points for the week’s remaining matchups.

Example scenario using confidence points

If you pick Pittsburgh to beat Miami and assign the game a confidence point value of 16, you'd get 16 points for a correct pick, but no points if Miami wins.

Playoff schedule for confidence points in Pro Football Pick'em

A special schedule of confidence points will be available during the playoffs only for Pro Football Pick'em private groups that have elected to continue picking through the playoffs:

  • In Playoff Week 1 (6 games), the options will be 6, 8, 10 12, 14 and 16 points.
  • In Playoff Week 2 (4 games), the options will be 6, 8, 12 and 16 points.
  • In Playoff Week 3 (2 games), the options will be 8 and 16 points.
  • In Playoff Week 4 (1 game), the option will be 16 points.

This provides for a total of 148 possible points throughout the playoffs. Given the low number of potential points per playoff week, playoff weeks cannot be dropped in groups that drop their lowest scoring weeks.