Position abbreviations in Fantasy Football

Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football uses the following positional breakdowns.

PositionWhat It MeansWho Is Eligible
QBQuarterbackOnly quarterbacks
WRWide ReceiverOnly wide receivers
RBRunning BackOnly running backs
TETight EndOnly tight ends
W/TWide Receiver/Tight EndAny wide receiver or tight end
W/RWide Receiver/Running BackAny wide receiver or running back
W/R/TWide Receiver/Running Back/Tight EndAny wide receiver, running back, or tight end
Q/W/R/TQuarterback/Wide Receiver/Running Back/Tight EndAny quarterback, wide receiver, running back, or tight end
KKickerOnly kickers
D/STTeam Defense/Special TeamsOnly team defense/special teams
DDefensive PlayerAny defensive player
DLDefensive LinemenOnly defensive linemen (includes defensive tackles and defensive ends)
DBDefensive BackOnly defensive backs (includes cornerbacks and safeties)
LBLinebackersOnly linebackers
DTDefensive TacklesOnly defensive tackles
DEDefensive EndsOnly defensive ends
CBCornerbacksOnly cornerbacks
SSafetiesOnly safeties