Fix issues with Yahoo verification codes and links

At times, we'll send a verification code or link to your mobile number or email address to protect your account and ensure that you're the person trying to access it. If the code or URL doesn't work or you don't receive it, review the following info to see what could be causing the issue.

Didn't receive a verification code?

Click Resend within the first 5 minutes. If you still don't get the code, check to see if any of the following apply to you:

  • Used a landline - SMS codes can only be sent to mobile numbers.
  • Device problems - Make sure your plan has not reached its sending data limit.
  • Contact info is wrong - Make sure your mobile number or alternate email address is correct.
  • Email problems - Make sure your alternate email address hasn't been deleted, the email isn't in your spam folder, and Yahoo isn't blocked by your ISP.

Other verification issues

  • Verification link is no longer valid - The URL has expired and you need to request a new one.
  • Can't get a verification code because you forgot your password and recovery info is wrong - You'll have to create a new account.