Yahoo ads, ad preferences, and feedback

The ads you see on Yahoo help us keep our services free. We want to make sure the ads we show are relevant and interesting to you.

Influence the types of ads you see

Click the ad icon Image of the Advertisement icon. within an ad to learn more about how Yahoo selects the ads you see and how to manage your advertising preferences.

You can also manage your interest-based advertising preferences by visiting the Yahoo Ad Interest Manager.

Tell us if you don’t like an ad

For some of our ads, you can click the Grey on the upper-right corner of the ad to let us know why you don’t like it. We’ll be expanding feedback to all ads on Yahoo soon.

Mouse over the ad and click Grey to tell us you don’t like the ad. If you don’t see the Grey , the ad isn’t supported for feedback yet.

Give us detailed feedback

After you click Grey , you’ll have the optional chance to tell us why you don’t like the ad. Your feedback will be automatically sent to us for our review.

Select from these options:

  • It's distracting
  • It's not relevant
  • It's offensive
  • Something else - Give us your personalized feedback, then click Send when done.

After you've sent your feedback, you'll see a confirmation stating, "Thank you for your feedback. We'll review and make changes as needed."

What happens after you provide feedback

  • We'll try our best to block the ad from appearing for you again.
  • Your feedback will help us identify bad ads and adjust those we display in the future.

Pop-up ads and malware

If you're getting pop-up ads on Yahoo they could be caused by malware. Malware is malicious software that attempts to steal sensitive info from your computer, send spam, commit fraud, or, in this case, display ads on webpages you view.

  • This type of advertisement software is usually bundled with other free downloads and installed without your knowledge.
  • Be sure to run a scan on your computer with trusted antivirus software. If the scan detects any suspicious programs or applications, get rid of them immediately.

Normally, the specific software (malware) that displays advertisements on webpages will be installed as an add-on, extension, or plug-in to your Web browser. Removing malware can be a difficult and complex process that will vary by the type of malware you have.

Learn more

There are several websites that provide information about removing this malicious software (English only)