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Get started with My Yahoo

At Yahoo, we’re dedicated to bringing you the most personalized and entertaining experiences on the Web. With My Yahoo, you can completely customize your own page with content from all over.


  • Set the style - Chose a theme you like for each tab.
  • Create tabs - Name and organize your tabs with the info you want under each.
  • Choose the format - Select between 1 and 4 columns and choose your font size for the look you prefer.


  • Arrange the info - Move the tiles wherever you want them.
  • Options - Not sure what content to add? Select a categories and pick from many of popular options.

Everything at a glance

  • Stay in touch - Add your emails and calendar to stay on top of communications and events all day.
  • Stay informed - Get news, videos, sports and finance updates, fashion, weather, and even your horoscope.

Image of My Yahoo page