Temporarily change location in My Yahoo

The location My Yahoo shows in your apps and content modules will always default to your current location, but you can temporarily change it.

  1. Sign in to My Yahoo.
  2. Click or tap the tab you'd like to edit.
  3. To make the Location icon Pin appear on an app or module (like Weather):
    • On a desktop/laptop: move your mouse over the app or module.
    • On a mobile device: tap the app or module.
  4. Click or tap the Location icon Pin.
  5. Enter your location, or click/tap the Detect Location icon Bullseye to let Yahoo detect your location.
    • Entering location: we'll show you a list of matching locations to choose from.
    • Detecting location: you may be asked to allow access in your Web browser.
  6. Click or tap the Add this location icon Star to save a location to your favorites for quick access later.
  7. Click or tap a location you've entered or saved, to temporarily use it in all My Yahoo apps and modules.

  Note: If you choose to detect location, it will be saved until you change location (when you change IP address). Otherwise, when you reload the page or leave and return to My Yahoo, your location will default to your current location.