Overview of Yahoo Mail for iOS

The Yahoo Mail app gives you instant access to all the great features you love about Yahoo Mail. You'll be able to organize and search through your emails, add multiple accounts, compose customized emails, and access news without ever leaving the app.

Keep it together

Never worry about checking multiple email accounts again. The Yahoo Mail app lets you keep on top of all your messages by adding other email accounts like Yahoo, Gmail, and Outlook. With everything in one place, you'll never miss an important email again.

Image of multiple accounts added to Yahoo Mail for iOS.

Search smarter, not harder

Don't waste time scrolling through your mail for the 1 important item you need. Search by a name or keyword to find all related emails, photos, and files in any Yahoo Mail folder.

Animation of how search works in Yahoo Mail.

Compose personalized messages

Show off your personality to friends and family through your Yahoo Mail. Include images or files from your device, or add online GIFs to make stunning, content-rich emails. Complement each message with the perfect stationery to match.

Image of an example of station in Yahoo Mail for iOS.

Organization will set you free

Organize your mailbox in the way that works best for you. Smart views automatically sorts common emails like 'Finance' and 'Shopping' so you can quickly find what you need. You can also create personalized folders to group emails and find these messages later.

Image of Smart views and folders in Yahoo Mail for iOS.

Get instant access to the latest news

Find out what's going on in business, celebrity, breaking news, and more without ever leaving the Yahoo Mail app. Tap on the news icon, then swipe through to find the info you're interested in. You can even enable notifications to get instant access to breaking news even if you're not in the app.

Image of the newsfeed in Yahoo Mail for iOS.