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Not receiving email on a mobile device

If you're not seeing emails from your Yahoo Mail account in your mobile device's native mail client, or in Yahoo Mail on a mobile web browser, there are several things that can cause this.

The message was delayed or never delivered

Email is usually delivered within a few minutes to Yahoo Mail accounts, whether they're accessed from a computer, mobile web browser, or the Yahoo Mail app. Sometimes, however, email can be delayed or not arrive at all due to problems on the sender's side, heavy Internet traffic, or settings within Yahoo Mail.

See our help article about emails that are delayed or not received at all for suggestions to help with email delivery.

  Yahoo Mail options and settings can differ on mobile and desktop versions. We recommend accessing Yahoo Mail from a computer to perform the steps in the help article linked above.

Your mobile device's mail client isn't set up to sync with Yahoo Mail

Click your device's link to learn how to add Yahoo Mail to your iOS, Android, or other device's native mail client. 

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