Share files or photos in Yahoo Messenger

Want to share your class notes or that hour long video of the best concert you ever attended with your friends? Simply drag and drop the files to share instantly! You can even send non-media files, such as ZIP and PowerPoint files.

  1. Open a conversation window.
  2. Click the Send photos or files icon Send files or photos icon
    - The "Open Files" window opens
  3. Select the photo or file you'd like to send
  4. Click Open
  5. Once you've finished selecting your file, your contact can either start the file transfer by clicking Accept or decline it by clicking Decline.
    • If your contact accepts, you'll get a "Sending" message on your screen -- Don't close the conversation window while it's sending though, or your transfer will fail.
    • If your contact declines, you'll get a "Declined" message letting you know that they didn't accept your file transfer.

  Need to cancel a file transfer request?  Mistakes happen! Click the Cancel to cancel your request before your contact accepts it.

Having trouble sending files or photos?

Sending or recieving files from behind a firewall - If you or your friend is behind a firewall, try temporarily turning off the firewall before sending the files.

Slow Internet connection:

  • Send several smaller file or photo transfers rather than a single large file or photo transfer.
  • Allow extra time for the file transfer to complete.

Still can't send files or photos? This is because a corrupted Yahoo Messenger version is installed on your computer. Get the latest version of Yahoo Messenger.

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