Messages missing from Conversation History archive

Messages suddenly disappearing isn't normal. If you notice that some of yours are gone, you might be able to submit a restoration request.

Things we can't restore

  • Messages that you or someone else deleted
    • Does anyone else have access to your account? Could they have deleted your messages?
    • Are you completely signing out of Messenger after each use? Staying logged in could give others access to your account.
  • Messages sent or received via an external messenger client (like, Trillian, Pidgin, Adium, Meebo)

Submitting a restoration request

If the causes above don't explain your missing messages, we can attempt to restore your Conversation History.

Here's what you need to know when sending us a request

  1. It's not possible to restore any messages sent more than 48 hours ago.
  2. If you're missing parts of conversations that took place between 0 and 48 hours ago, request a restoration.
  3. Specify the point of time (in the last 48 hours) when your Conversation History looked right.
  4. When a restore is attempted, all saved Messenger and Mail messages received after your requested point of time will be deleted.
    • Before requesting a restore - Manually back up any conversations or emails that you want to save.
      • Forward your emails to another email account (like another Yahoo Mail account).
      • Print your emails or instant messages that you'd like to save, or save them as a text file.
  5. The process isn't guaranteed and we may not be able to recover your missing messages.
  6. We'll notify you of the success or failure of the restore attempt.

If you'd like us to attempt a restore, please fill out the Mail and Messenger restore request form.

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