Recover your conversation history

We can give it our best shot to retrieve your lost Yahoo Messenger conversation history, but only under specific conditions.

Deleted conversation history

Deleting your conversation history is permanent. Once a conversation is deleted, we won't be able to recover it. That's why we require a confirmation each time you try to delete your conversation history.

Lost conversation history

If you notice missing messages in your archive and you didn't delete them, there is short period of time where we can attempt to recover them.

If you noticed the deletion occurred within the last 7 days, fill out a restoration form immediately so that we can try to recover your messages. Any longer than 7 days and it'll be too late to recover them.

  Restoring your conversation history will also restore your Yahoo Mail account! 

The messages you receive in both Messenger and Yahoo Mail after the day and time you selected won't be included in the recovery, so make sure you do the following things before requesting a restoration:

  • Forward your newest emails to another email account (like another Yahoo Mail account).
  • Print your emails or instant messages that you need to save.
  • Save emails or instant messages to your desktop as a text file.

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