Get help for Yahoo Messenger Voice and Video connection issues

 Caution - Yahoo can't control or diagnose technical issues outside of our network.

Conflicting issues with your computer system or internet connection can result in your video and voice features not functioning correctly. These issues could be caused by software on your computer (antivirus or security software), issues with your Local Area Network (LAN), or issues with your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

If you have a firewall blocking Yahoo Voice you need to open up some outgoing TCP connections. Note that it's the outgoing connections that matter, not incoming connections. In most firewalls, you have to specify a destination port or port range to open.

Even if you don't use a firewall, your ISP might use a firewall, a network address translator (NAT), or a proxy server that blocks voice traffic. Any of these could prevent you from using the video calling feature in Yahoo Messenger.

 Contact your ISP with your firewall and proxy settings - Firewall protocols, servers, and port numbers for Yahoo Messenger.

You can also contact your antivirus and security software vendor for further troubleshooting assistance.

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