Change font and color of text in messages

Personalize your font settings by changing the default font and color for text in your instant messages.

Change default font settings

  1. In the Messenger window, click Messenger | select Preferences.
    -The "Yahoo Messenger Preferences" window opens.
  2. Under "Category", click Appearance.
    -The Appearance options display at the right.
  3. Click Change Fonts & Colors.
    -The "Message Text Style" window opens.
  4. Change the settings for the font, font style, font size, and font color.
  5. Once you have them the way you like, click OK, to set them as your default font settings.
    - Note: Click Cancel if you don't want to use these settings.
  6. Click OK.
    - You'll be returned to the Yahoo Messenger Preferences window.
    - Note: If you only want to see your default settings, click the checkbox option for Always use my fonts and colors.
    - Your font settings will then override your friends' font settings and you'll just see your font preferences in the Conversation window.
  7. Click Apply
  8. Click OK.

Change font and color of text in a single conversations window

  1. Above the message typing area in your IM window, click the T (text format) icon
    -Formatting tool box opens.
  2. Use the format tools to make any text formatting changes.
    -These formatting changes will affect this window only.
    -The text formatting in any other open IM window will not change.

 Tip: These formatting tools are not available when you are in a conversation with a Windows Live contact or sending SMS messages from Yahoo.

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