Change your listed mobile number in Yahoo Messenger

Want to change your cell phone number registered in Yahoo Messenger? You must first delete your old number and then add your new number.

Delete the old number

  1. Go to the delete your mobile number in Yahoo Messenger page.
  2. Click the Delete Number button.
    -- A confirmation message is shown.
  3. Click Delete.
    --Your mobile number is now removed from Yahoo Messenger.

Add a new number

  1. At the right of your display image, click the Mobile-device icon.

    The mobile phone icon is located just below the

  2. Select Edit Mobile Phone.
    -The "Yahoo Add Mobile" opens.
  3. Enter the phone number for your new mobile device and then click Send a link to my phone.
    -A confirmation code will be texted to your phone.
  4. Go back to the "Yahoo Add Mobile" page.
  5. In the "Enter code" box, enter your confirmation code.
  6. Click Done.
  7. Close the "Yahoo Add Mobile" page.
    -Your new mobile is now saved in Yahoo Messenger.

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