Fix network connectivity issues for Yahoo Messenger

Having trouble signing in to Yahoo Messenger? The connection troubleshooter can help you fix some sign-in problems, or can gather data log files to send to the Yahoo Customer Care team for additional diagnosis.

The connection troubleshooter window automatically opens when Yahoo Messenger detects a connection sign-in issue. Just click Troubleshoot to start the process.

Network connection issue

Yahoo Messenger can't find a connection to the Internet. You may have a disconnected cable, modem problems, or router problems.

Other possible reasons are incorrect settings in the Windows Internet Options, Windows Firewall settings, or Windows network settings, such as the Domain Name System (DNS) settings.

  • Check that all your cables are connected, restart your modem, or restart your router.
  • For Windows issues, go to the Windows online help and search for terms like "DNS" or "Firewall" to locate information about the proper settings. Follow the Windows online help instructions for entering the proper settings.

HTTP connection issue

Yahoo Messenger can't access the Internet because Internet Options are set incorrectly in Internet Explorer.

  1. In Internet Explorer, click Tools | Internet Options.
  2. Click Connections.
  3. Make sure your existing connection settings are correct.
    - Your ISP or network administrator should be able to provide the appropriate settings.

Connection server issue

The connection settings of Yahoo Messenger Connection Server are set incorrectly.

 What's a server? A server is a computer dedicated to a certain kind of job. For instance, the Yahoo Login Server verifies whether a Yahoo ID and password are correct.

Here's how to change your connection settings in Yahoo Messenger:

  1. In the "Messenger" window, click Messenger | Preferences.
    - The "Yahoo Messenger Preferences" window opens.
  2. Under "Category," select Connection.
  3. Click Connect via a proxy server | HTTP proxy.
  4. Click OK.

Login server issue

Yahoo Messenger might not be able to "talk" to the Yahoo Login Server because the security settings in your Internet Options aren't set correctly in the web browser, Internet Explorer.

You can rule out that problem by testing to see if you can access a secure web page with Internet Explorer.

  1. In Internet Explorer, click Tools.
  2. Select Internet Options.
  3. Click Connections.
  4. Select LAN settings
    - The "Local Area Network (LAN) Settings" window opens.
  5. Under "Proxy server," select Use a proxy server for your LAN.
  6. Click Advanced.
    - The "Proxy Settings" opens.
  7. Make sure the information in the "Secure" and "Port" fields are correct.
    - Your ISP, network, or proxy administrator should be able to provide you with the appropriate settings.
  8. Click OK for each window.

 Want to know more your Internet Explorer settings? Go to Windows online help and search for terms like "LAN," or "proxy server."

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