Yahoo Messenger sends messages automatically

Receiving Messenger spam is one thing, but getting reports that it is being sent from your Yahoo Messenger account is another. Don't worry, it's easy to fix and we're here to help.

Some examples

  • Links to take an IQ quiz
  • Click to win a prize
  • Links directing you to dating sites
  • Links to videos

Remember, we strongly recommend that you never click suspicious links or download executable files sent from anyone, including your contacts.

Update and run your antivirus software. If you don't have any antivirus software:

Download free antivirus software

Install the antivirus software and then scan your system. Keep your computer up-to-date by visiting Windows Update.

IMPORTANT: After following the above steps, reset your Yahoo password. This will also help in securing your account.

To change your Yahoo password

  1. Select Messenger | My Account Info. The "Sign in to Yahoo" window opens.
  2. Enter your current password in the "Password" field and click Sign In. The "Account Info" page opens.
  3. Click the Change your password link. The "Change your Yahoo Password" window opens.
  4. Type your current password and your new password.
  5. Click Save.

NOTE: If you believe those links are coming from someone in your messenger list, please ask them to follow the above-listed steps. This will help to prevent the virus from spreading.

If you notice other unusual behavior from Yahoo Messenger or your Yahoo Account, you can find some more helpful tips in the article "What to do if your account is sending spam."

Read more about viruses and spyware, at the Yahoo Security Center.

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