Fix plug-ins problems in Yahoo Messenger

The plug-in you're trying to install fails or isn't working? It could be because:

  • It's not certified by Yahoo.
  • It's pulling information from a source that is down or having problems at the moment.

Reinstalling the plug-in that's causing the problem solves the problem.

Reinstall plug-ins

  1. At the bottom of your contact list, click Plug-ins.
    - You'll see a listing of your installed plug-ins.
  2. Click Add Plug-Ins.
    -The "Plug-ins Manager" window opens.
  3. If the plug-in has a red "Stop" button to the right of it, click Stop.
    -If it says "Start," do not click it.
  4. Once you've stopped the plug-in, click on the "Garbage can" icon to the left of Start.
    -A pop up box will appear confirming the Plug-in has been uninstalled
  5. Click OK.
  6. Go back to the "Plug-ins Manager window" that you accessed in steps 1 and 2, above.
  7. Select the plug-in you just deleted from the Plug-ins list and click on the green Start button to the right of it.
    -The plug-in should now be running in Yahoo Messenger.

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