How to become a Power User

This article describes the benefits of being a Messenger Power User and what the crown icon next to a contact name means. This article will also instruct you on how to remove the Power User badge.

If one of your contacts have a special crown, trophy, or badge symbol next to their name in your Messenger List, this typically means they are a Yahoo Messenger Power User. Power Users are chosen based on IM volume and feature use. The more instant messaging you do, the better your chances of becoming a Power User.

If you're interested in becoming a Power User, just keep using Yahoo Messenger. Periodically, we may add more Power Users. When we do, we will send email invitations to people who take full advantage of IM features.

Power Users enjoy a variety of benefits, including:

  • Exclusive status icons and online indicators
  • Custom Avatar accessories
  • Early access to the newest versions of Yahoo Messenger
  • Special contests & giveaways

Note: If you are a Power User, click here to select or remove a Power User Icon. After changing or removing your icon, sign out and back in to Yahoo Messenger for the change to take effect. Your friends will see this symbol next to your name in their Contact Lists.

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