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An email was wrongly filtered as spam

Tips on how to avoid having emails incorrectly categorized by Mail as spam, including how to create filters to avoid the incorrect spam designation.

We make every effort to deliver solicited email directly to your Inbox, though sometimes we can incorrectly send a message that you have requested to your Spam folder. We have listed some tips below that you can use to try and avoid this.

Tips to avoid having emails designated as spam:

  • Check your Spam folder: Periodically check your Spam folder to ensure that you do not miss a message.
    - You can move a message from the Spam folder to your Inbox: Check the checkbox beside the message and select the Not Spam button.
    - Using Not Spam "educates" our filtering system: By sending these examples to Yahoo for review, it will increase the effectiveness of Yahoo Mail's filtering system.
  • Add them to your Contact list: Adding someone to your Contact list ensures they won't end up in your Spam folder.
  • Create a filter: Create a filter for a specific sender if you want to ensure that their messages will always appear in your Inbox.
    - Filters automatically sort your incoming messages into the folders of your choice, according to rules that you set up.
    - With filters, you won't need to read through each message and decide where to put it.

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