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Exporting Yahoo Calendar to an iCalendar (ICS) file

You can share your Yahoo Calendar by first exporting it in the iCalendar (ICS) file format. Then send the iCalendar file to someone and they can import it into their Yahoo Calendar or another calendar program that supports iCalendar.

To export Yahoo Calendar to an iCalendar (ICS) file:

  1. Go to Yahoo Mail and click the Calendar tab.
  2. If the left panel is hidden, click the arrow icon (Arrow Icon) in the left margin.
  3. Click Calendars in the left panel.
    - Your calendars will display.
  4. Move your cursor over the calendar that you want to export.
    - A down arrow displays at the right.
  5. Click the down arrow and select Export from the menu.
    - The export window opens.
  6. Click Export.
  7. Save the ICS file to a location on your computer.
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Last updated: July 10, 2013