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Find messages, photos, and attached documents using Yahoo Mail search.

 Do you have missing or deleted email? Learn how to restore lost or deleted emails.


Search basics

From the search bar

  1. Locate the search field at the top of Yahoo Mail.

    Image of Yahoo Mail search bar.

  2. Enter your search criteria - like a contact's name, part of the subject, or text from the email.
    - Suggestions automatically appear as you type. If you see what you want, click the item to view its content instead of searching further.
  3. Click Search Mail.

All messages matching your search terms appear in the search results.

  Did you know? Searches aren't case-sensitive. Searching for "abc" is the same as searching for "ABC."

Sort your search results

Search results are automatically sorted by Date. To choose a different sort criterion:

  1. Click Sorted by Date.
  2. Under "Sort by," select from the following options:
    • Date: New to Old - Newest emails at the top.
    • Date: Old to New - Oldest emails at the top.
    • Attachments - Emails with attachments will appear at the top of your search results.

Use the search shortcut

If you're in a folder with more emails than can be displayed on the screen, you'll see a scroll bar on the right. Start scrolling down your email list and you'll see a search shortcut.

From your Inbox

  1. Click the Search icon Search icon at the bottom right corner of your email list.
    - A search field appears to the right.
  2. Start typing in the search field and you'll automatically be taken to the search bar at the top of your Yahoo Mail account.

From your other folders

  1. Click the Search icon Search icon at the bottom right corner of your email list.
  2. You'll be taken to the Advanced Search options where you can select your search criteria.

See our Advanced searching section below for more info.

Advanced searching

Perform an advanced search

Quickly find exactly what you're looking for with a specific set of search criteria.

  1. Click the Search Options icon Image of the Search Options icon. within the search field.

    Image of Yahoo Mail search bar.

  2. Click Advanced search.
  3. Enter your criteria in the following fields:
    • Search in - Select from Yahoo Mail folders like Inbox and Sent, from a folder you've made, or from one of the Smart Views.
    • From - Email address or name of a sender.
    • To - Email address or name of an intended recipient, including yourself.
    • Subject - Words or phrases within an email's subject line.
    • Contains - Words or phrases within an email's body.
    • Date - Anytime, last 7 days, last 30 days, or a custom date.
    • Has attachment - Email contains an attachment like a .doc or .pdf file.
    • Has image - Email contains an image.
  4. Click Search Mail to see results.

If your search results can't fit on a single page, you'll see a "Refine" option in the bottom-right corner that you can use to add additional criteria.

Find all the emails and files someone has sent you

Find all of the photos, emails, and documents you've received from someone by searching their name or email address.
  1. In Yahoo Mail, start entering a name or email address into the search bar at the top of the page.
    - Yahoo Mail will auto-suggest people you frequently email with as you type.
  2. Click a contact from the suggestions that appear.
    - If you don't see a contact you're looking for, continue entering their name and click Search Mail.
  3. The contact's search results appear:
    • Emails from the person you selected appear in the content area.
      • Click Documents or Photos to view those results instead.
      • Filter your results by the content you've sent or received  - Click From or To and the search results update accordingly.
    • To the right, you'll find the most recent photos and documents you've exchanged with that contact.

Do a one-click search for emails from a specific sender, right from your Inbox. Watch our help video to learn how.

Find emails in a specific folder

Quickly narrow down your search results by searching in a specific folder. Learn how with our searching by folder help article.

  Important: Spam is the only folder that can't be searched in.

Search by folder

  1. Select your folder from either:
    • Your folders list - Click a folder you want to search in from the left column.
    • The search bar - Click the down arrow Grey downward pointing arrow. | select the folder's name.
  2. Enter a search term next to the folder name that appears in the search bar.
  3. Click Search Mail.

Your search results appear and will include all the emails that match your search term in the folder you selected.

Change the searched folder

  1. In the search bar, click the down arrow Grey downward pointing arrow. | select the new folder's name.
  2. Click Search Mail.

Your search results will update to reflect the new folder you selected.

Remove the searched folder

  • In the search bar, click the down arrow Grey downward pointing arrow. | select All mail.
  • Click Inbox in the folders list.

Animation of searching email folders in Yahoo Mail.

Working with your search results


Refresh your memory by viewing a document you just found, or save it to your computer for future viewing.

  • View - If the document is viewable (your cursor will change from an arrow to a hand), click a document's title to view it in a full-screen window. Close the document by clicking X.
  • Save - Click Download next to a document's title to save it to your computer. 


Find a photo you'd forgotten about? Stroll down memory lane and view it now, save it for later, or open the email the photo was originally sent with.

  • View - Click the photo's thumbnail to open it in a full screen.
  • Save - Mouse over the photo and click its Download icon Download icon to save it to your computer.
  • Open - Mouse over the photo and click its Email icon Email icon to open the original email the photo was sent in.

  Open the file's original email: When viewing a full-screen photo or document, mouse over the bottom part of your screen and click the email's details to view the original message.

Purchases, orders, and shipments

When you search your emails for a company (for example: Amazon, Walmart, eBay) order, shipping, and delivery information contained in emails from that company is displayed to the right of your Inbox.

The information can include Ordered on, Shipped on, and Delivered on dates as well as a View email link to see the email the information is coming from or a Track package link if tracking information is included.

Image of orders displayed in Yahoo Mail.

More search tips

  • View your contact's other email addresses - Click More details in the right column of your search results. You'll see all the email addresses you've listed for your contact.
  • Often CC'ed - In the right column of your search results, you'll find the people most frequently included on emails with your contact. 

Need more info? Learn more by watching our help video.

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