Attachments in Yahoo Mail

Need to add something more to your email? Whether you’re adding a silly GIF to make someone’s day, or attaching your resume for that dream job, we’re here for you.

Attach files, photos and GIFs

Send your resume, share a favorite picture, or add a silly GIF to your email.

Attach files from your computer
  1. Click Compose.
  2. Click the Attach Files icon .
  3. Locate the file to attach, click Open.
  4. The file attaches itself below the email.
Add saved photos, files, and GIFS
  1. Click in the lower right hand side of the page.
  2. Select the type of file to insert or attach.
    • Files
    • Images
    • GIFs
  3. Double-click the file or image to add.

Attach files and photos from Flickr or Dropbox

Share photos from Flickr

  1. Click Compose.
  2. Click the Attachment Options icon | Share from Flickr.
    - Click OK in the “Share photos from Flickr” if this is your first time.
  3. Select photos to attach.
  4. Click OK.

Share files from Dropbox

File exceeds our message size limit? This option is perfect for larger files.

  1. Click Compose.
  2. Click the Mail Compose Add icon | Dropbox.
    -First time? Sign up or sign in to Dropbox.
  3. Select files to attach.
  4. Click Allow.
  5. Click OK.

Preview and download attachments

Preview attachments without downloading

Save time and space using the Preview Attachments feature.

  1. Open an email containing attachments.
  2. Click on the attachment's thumbnail.
  3. Click View all to see multiple attachments.
  4. Click the X when finished.

Download an attachment

We automatically scan for viruses in attachments so you can download them worry-free.

  1. Open a message containing an attachment.
  2. Mouse over the attachment thumbnail.
  3. Click Download or Download all for multiple attachments.

Your browser saves the file to its default location (varies) or prompts you to save it.

Problems attaching and downloading

Experiencing difficulty when attaching or downloading? Here are a few common issues.

  • Encrypted file - encrypted files are unsupported.
  • Special characters - remove special characters from the title and try again.
  • Unsupported web browser - make sure you’re using a supported web browser.

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