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How to fix the error "Please enter a valid iCal address" when subscribing to a calendar

This article explains how to correctly format an iCal address so it can be subscribed to in Yahoo Calendar, without the following error occurring: "Please enter a valid iCal address."

This is caused when an iCal address begins with the wrong format, such as "webcals://", etc.

The error "Please enter a valid iCal address" will occur if the iCal address to which you are trying to subscribe does not begin with "http://". In order to correct this error, you will need to adjust the iCal address you are subscribing to using the steps below

  1. Copy the iCal address to a blank text file.
  2. Remove "webcals://" from the beginning of the URL.
  3. Add "http://" in the location where information was removed during step two.
  4. Copy the new address to use when using the subscribe feature in Yahoo Calendar. (Click here for more information about subscribing to calendars.)

Note: The above iCal address example is not a real calendar, and you will not be able to subscribe to this calendar.


Change: webcals://



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