Fix POP mail sending and receiving issues

The last thing anyone wants to see is an error or problem when trying to send or get their email. Use these steps to verify your settings are correct and get things working again.

Make sure POP is enabled

Yahoo Mail only supports POP or Mail Forwarding. If Mail Forwarding is on, POP won't work. Learn how to enable POP in Yahoo Mail.

Make sure your mail client is correctly set configured

Sometimes the settings in mail clients can be changed by other apps. Verify that your mail client is set up using our recommended settings. Click the client that you use to see step-by-step instructions.

Make sure there isn't a conflicting app

Some apps can block mail clients from connecting to email servers. Try each of the following options, checking to see if the issue persists after each option. If you need specific instructions with any option, contact the manufacturer of the software or your ISP.

  • Temporarily disable any security software installed.
  • Check your network equipment to see if it's blocking the Yahoo servers or ports.
  • Check with your ISP to see if your modem or software uses a firewall that blocks ports.

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