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Access Yahoo Mail in Microsoft Outlook 2010

Looking for an alternative to getting your email through your web browser? Yahoo Mail lets you send a copy of your email to Outlook, where you can sync all of your accounts under 1 app or read and draft messages offline. Just perform an easy configuration process to get started.

  1. Enable POP in Yahoo Mail.
  2. From Outlook, click File | select Info | Add Account.
  3. Select Manually configure server settings, then click Next.
  4. Select Internet E-mail, then click Next.
  5. Add your account info:
    • User Information - Enter your name and full Yahoo email address.
    • Server Information - Pick POP3 and add our server settings.
    • Logon Information - Enter your Yahoo ID and password.
  6. Select Remember password, then click More Settings.
  7. On the "Outgoing Server" tab, enter the following:
    • Select My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.
    • Select Use same settings as my incoming mail server.
  8. On the "Advanced" tab, enter the following:
    • Server port settings - Add our port settings.
    • Leave a copy of messages on the server - We recommend you select this.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Click Next, then click Finish.

Restart Outlook, then click Send/Receive All Folders to get emails from Yahoo Mail in Outlook.

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