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Clear your web browser cache on a computer

A web browser's cache stores temporary instances of webpages, allowing them to load faster. This data is supposed to be recreated each time you visit a webpage, but sometimes things go wrong and the data gets corrupt. You can clear your cache (deleting the temporary files) to fix things like outdated pages and webpages freezing, not loading, or being unresponsive.


Verified for version 44

  1. Click Tools three horizontal bars | select History.
  2. Click Clear Recent History.
    - The "Clear Recent History" window appears.
  3. In the "Time range to clear" drop-down menu, select Everything.
  4. Click the down arrow Graphic of Firefox down arrow next to "Details."
  5. Select:
    • Cache
  6. Click Clear Now.
  7. Restart Firefox.


Verified for version 48

  1. Click Customize Chrome Image of the Google Chrome settings icon. | select History.
    - The "History" window appears.
  2. Click Clear browsing data.
    - The "Clear browsing data" window appears.
  3. In the "Obliterate the following items from" drop-down menu, select the beginning of time.
  4. Select Cached images and files
  5. Click Clear browsing data.
  6. Restart Chrome.


Verified for Version 8

  1. Click Safari Safari settings icon | select Clear History and Website Data.
  2. In the "Clear" menu, select your desired time frame.
  3. Click Clear History.
  4. Restart Safari.

Internet Explorer

Verified for version 11

  1. Click Tools | select Internet Options.
  2. Under "Browsing history," click Delete.
  3. Select Temporary Internet files and website files
  4. Click Delete.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Restart Internet Explorer.