Restore deleted or missing contacts

Missing some or all of your contacts? You can try to recover individual contacts, or do a full restore of all your contacts, in Yahoo Mail.

Contacts restoration options

Restore one or more individual contacts

Generally, you can restore contacts that were deleted within the past 30 days.

In Yahoo Mail:

  1. Click the Contacts icon Graphic of Contacts icon..
  2. Click Deleted Contacts in the left column.
    - Any deleted contacts appear in the column to the right.
  3. Select each contact you want to restore.
    - If the contacts you're looking for aren't listed, skip to "Restore your entire contacts list" below.
  4. If you've selected multiple contacts, click Restore Contacts.
    - If you've only selected one contact, click Restore.
  5. Click Restore again to confirm.
    - Your selected contacts are returned to your Contacts list.
  6. Click Done to return to Yahoo Contacts.

Restore your entire contacts list

Not seeing the contacts you're looking for in "Deleted Contacts"? Here's how to restore your full list of contacts and what you need to know before you do.

  Your Yahoo Contacts will be restored to exactly how they looked on a particular date. Any new contacts you've added since the restore date will be lost. Back up your contacts by exporting them before you attempt a restore.

In Yahoo Mail:

  1. Click the Contacts icon Graphic of Contacts icon..
  2. Click Actions | select Restore from backup.
  3. Select a date to restore your contacts to from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click Restore.

Undo a contacts restore

Once you've performed a successful restoration, you'll briefly have the chance to undo it.

If your attempt to restore contacts is successful, you'll see a small message that says, "Contacts restored to 'chosen restore date'. Undo." You'll can choose to cancel the restore by clicking Undo.

Once the message (and the "Undo" link) is gone, you won't be able to undo your contacts restoration.

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