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Remove or hide ads in Yahoo Mail

You can temporarily hide the right-side advertisement you see in Yahoo Mail accounts on a computer, or permanently remove all graphical ads by upgrading to Ad Free Yahoo Mail. Text ads and ads in other versions of Yahoo Mail can't be hidden.

Temporarily hiding the right-side ad in free Yahoo Mail accounts

  1. Sign in to Yahoo Mail.
  2. Click the right-facing arrow between your list of emails, or a single email you're viewing, and the advertisement on the right.

    Screenshot showing inbox with highlighted arrow that is clicked to hide the right advertisement

The ad is hidden from view.

Screenshot showing inbox with no advertisement showing at the right

A new ad will appear if you refresh the page or perform an action like replying to the opened email, marking the email as spam, or clicking on an item in the Left Navigation column.

Permanently removing graphical ads from Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is made available in part by the advertising you view while using our site. If you'd like to remove all graphical and text ads from your Yahoo Mail, when viewed on a computer, we encourage you to sign up for Yahoo Ad Free Mail if it's available in your region.

Ad Free Mail subscribers will see

  • Textual ads that appear in Yahoo Mail on a mobile Web browser.
  • Textual ads that appear in the the Basic mail interface of Yahoo Mail on a computer.

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