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Remove or hide ads and promos in Yahoo Mail

Ads in Yahoo Mail keep it free of cost to you. There’s a sponsored ad just above your email list and display ads on the right. Emails you send may include info about the Yahoo Mail app in the signature.

Hide or remove ads

You can temporarily hide the display ad to the right of your email on a computer. Text ads and ads in other versions of Yahoo Mail can't be hidden.

Temporarily hide the display ad

  • Click the arrow between your email and the ad to hide it.
  • A new ad will appear if you refresh the page or perform an action in your email.

Animation showing hide ad button in Yahoo Mail.

Sponsored ads can’t be hidden

Sponsored ads are shown at the top of an email list.

Image of a sponsored ad in Yahoo Mail.

These ads act like email. You can view, delete, or forward some of them. They can't be closed or hidden in free Yahoo Mail. Influence the kinds of ads you see using the Ad Interest Manager.


How can I get rid of ads?

To remove ads from your Yahoo Mail when viewed on a computer, sign up for Ad Free Mail.

Ad Free Mail subscribers still see

  • Text ads that appear in Yahoo Mail on a mobile Web browser.
  • Text ads that appear in the the Basic mail version of Yahoo Mail on a computer.

How can I give feedback on ads?

In some ads, you can click the “X” in the corner of the ad to send feedback about it. Mouse over the ad to see the "X" then click it. If you don’t see an X, the ad doesn’t support feedback yet.

After you click “X”, you can tell us why you don’t like the ad.

  • It’s not relevant - Automatically sent to us for review.
  • It’s distracting - Automatically sent to us for review.
  • It's offensive - Automatically sent to us for review.
  • Something else - Type in personalized feedback, then click Send.

After you send feedback, we'll try to block the ad from appearing for you again. Your feedback helps us improve the ads we show you in the future.

Why am I getting ads in Ad Free Mail?

If you have Ad Free Mail but you’re seeing ads displayed on your computer, your computer or web browser may be infected with malware. Malware that puts ads on webpages will usually be installed as an add-on, extension, or plug-in to your web browser.

  • Malware is malicious software that attempts to steal sensitive information from your computer, send spam, commit fraud, or place ads on webpages you're viewing.
  • This type of software is often bundled with free downloads and installed without your knowledge.
  • Run a scan on your computer with trusted antivirus software to identify and delete malware or viruses.

Online resources for fighting malware (English only)

Removing malware can be a difficult and complex process. These sites offer tips for fighting malware.

Visit the Yahoo Safety Center for more info about protecting yourself and protecting your computer.

Why is there a promo for Yahoo added to email I send?

Email that you send from your computer includes a line at the end of the message saying it was sent from Yahoo Mail. If you don’t want this line at the end of your email edit or delete your email signature to get rid of it.