Emails aren't received in Yahoo Mail

If you're not getting emails you expect, here are a few things to check.

Common solutions

 Important: Some of these settings and features can only be accessed from a desktop or laptop computer. We recommend signing in to Yahoo Mail on a computer when troubleshooting.

The email is in your Spam folder

Check your Spam folder - click Spam in the Left Navigation column.

If you find email there that doesn't belong in the Spam folder, here's how to fix it.

The sender is blocked

Check your blocked address list to see if the sender's email address is on it.

You can unblock it.

The email is being filtered

Check your filters. Filters send select email messages into folders in your Yahoo Mail instead of the Inbox.

How to create, edit, and delete filters.

Reply-to address is wrong

If someone replied to an email you sent to them and you didn't get their reply, check your reply-to address. The reply-to address determines what email address an email goes to when someone clicks Reply to your message.

If the reply-to address is wrong, you can change it.

The email was sent to the wrong address

Typos can happen when addressing an email or adding a contact to an address book. Make sure the sender has your full, correct email address.

To find your email address:

  1. Mouse over the Settings menu icon Small gear icon | select Settings.
  2. Click Accounts.
    - Your full email address is to the right of "Yahoo Account."

Not getting emails on a mobile device

If you're not getting Yahoo Mail emails on your mobile device and you recently changed your Yahoo Mail password, check to make sure you also updated the password on your mobile device.

More info:

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