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Emails aren't received in Yahoo Mail

If you're not getting emails you expect, the cause could be as simple as a setting in Yahoo Mail or that the sender got your email address wrong. Here's how to make sure you receive the messages you're waiting for.

Not receiving email

Yahoo Mail settings like filters and auto-forwarding, and incorrectly addressed emails, can result in delivery issues. Click a topic below to learn more.

 Important: Some of the settings and features mentioned below can only be accessed from a desktop or laptop computer. We recommend signing in to Yahoo Mail on a computer when trying these suggestions.

The email could be in your Spam folder

Check your Spam folder for the missing email. If you find it, move it to your Inbox.

  1. Click Spam in the Left Navigation column.
  2. Open an email or select one or more emails.
  3. Click Not Spam.
    - The email(s) will be moved to your Inbox and flagged as a trusted source.

Marking email as Spam or Not Spam trains SpamGuard to filter spam messages you define.

  Good to know: Filters take priority over SpamGuard. Create a filter to ensure your mail arrives where you want it!

The sender could be blocked

Check your blocked address list to see if the sender's address is on it.

The email could be filtered

Our filters overview explains how to determine if an incorrectly configured filter is sending the message to another folder.

Mail Forwarding could be enabled

If so, all of your incoming messages could be sent to another email address with nothing being saved in your Yahoo Mail Inbox.

Make sure Mail Forwarding isn't enabled.

Reply-to address could be wrong

The Reply-to address defines what email address a recipient replies to when they click Reply. Check your settings:

  1. Mouse over the Settings menu icon Small gear icon | select Settings.
  2. Click Edit next to " Yahoo Account."
  3. The "Reply-to address" should be blank.

If there's an address in the Reply-to field, delete it and click Save.

The email was sent to the wrong address

Typos can happen when addressing an email or adding a contact to an address book.

Make sure that the sender has your full email address. To find your email address:

  1. Mouse over the Settings menu icon Small gear icon | select Settings.
  2. Click Accounts.

Your full email address is to the right of " Yahoo Account."

Not getting emails on a mobile device only

If you're not getting emails you expect in Yahoo Mail on your mobile device, it's most likely due to changing your password on a computer without updating it on your device.

See our help articles about fixing mobile sign-in problems and what to do if your password still doesn't work on a mobile device to correct the problem.

  Are emails taking a long time to reach you? Find out where the delay occurred.


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