Recognize and secure a hacked Yahoo Mail account.

Your account security is very important. Use these guidelines to secure your Yahoo account if you discover it's been compromised.

Signs your account has been hacked

  • You're not receiving any emails.
  • Your Yahoo Mail is sending spam to your contacts.
  • Your account info or settings were changed without your knowledge.
  • You see logins from unexpected locations on your recent activity page.

Secure your account

Update your password and recovery info

Secure your account to kick out the hacker and make sure they never get back in.

  Add extra security - Enable Account Key to sign in without having to use a password, or Two-step verification to get a notification when your account is accessed from an unusual device or location.

Review your Yahoo Mail settings

Check your account to see if there are any settings you didn't configure. Possible changes include:

  Missing contacts or emails? - Restore your contacts or submit an email restore request.

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