Add clickable links to your email

Send clickable links to any web page in the body of your email. Change the text of the link. Choose the appearance of the link preview.


There are three ways to include a clickable link in your email.

Copy and paste a link

  1. Copy the full URL of a web page from address bar of a web browser.
    • Example:
  2. Paste the copied URL into your email.
    - The URL changes to text and a link preview appears.
  3. Select the size and location of the link preview - or delete the link preview.
  4. Edit the text of the link if you'd like.
  5. Continue writing your email.

  If the recipient is also using Yahoo Mail they can play audio or video right in the preview and share the link via social media or email from the link preview.

Use the formatting toolbar

  1. While composing an email, enter the word or phrase you'd like the recipient to click on.
  2. Highlight the text.
  3. Click the Insert Link icon chain link icon in formatting toolbar in the formatting toolbar.
    - If it's missing, click the Rich Text icon double arrow pointing to the right to switch to Rich Text mode.
  4. Enter the full URL of the website.
    • Example:
  5. Click OK.

The text is underlined and colored blue. When you send the email, the link will be clickable.

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