If you've been prompted to reset your password or received a security notice from Yahoo, you can learn more about your account security on our help page.

Problems viewing or passing CAPTCHA verification

Yahoo uses CAPTCHA verification to protect against spam or other unauthorized account access. By selecting the correct images, you verify you're human and not a spam-sending computer.

When you'll encounter a CAPTCHA

  • Sending an email containing HTML, links, embedded graphics, attachments.
  • Forwarding messages (chain letters, jokes, etc.).
  • Performing too many failed sign in attempts.
  • Accessing your account from a new browser, computer, or location.
  • Creating a new Yahoo account.

CAPTCHA unreadable

  • Hear it - Click the headphones icon  below the CAPTCHA to hear what images to select.
  • Try a different code - Click the refresh icon  below the CAPTCHA to see a different code.

CAPTCHA doesn't display