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Recognize and secure a hacked Yahoo Mail account

Account security is important to think about. There are signs that suggest an account has been compromised and ways to make your Yahoo Mail more secure.

Signs your account has been hacked

  • You're not receiving any emails.
  • Your Yahoo Mail is sending spam to your contacts.
  • Your account info or settings were changed without your knowledge.
  • You see logins from unexpected locations on your recent activity page.

Secure your account

Increase security with Account Key or two-step verification

With Account Key, you get an extra layer of security by accepting a notification on the mobile device of your choice, rather than relying on a password.

Another option is the two-step verification, which sends you a notification when your account is accessed from an unrecognized device or location. 

Update your password and recovery info

Secure your account so that only you have access.

Review your Yahoo Mail settings

Check all of the following account settings to see if there are any changes you didn't configure. Access your settings from the Settings icon Image of the Settings icon. or Image of the Settings icon. in the top right corner of Yahoo Mail.

  • Filters
  • Signature
  • Sending name
  • Auto-forwarding
  • Reply-to address
  • Vacation response
  • Blocked addresses

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