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Disable the "Keep me signed in" feature

Yahoo gives you the option to stay signed in to your account for two weeks, even when you close your browser or shut down your computer. If you decide you'd rather not remain signed in, it's easy to change the setting.

Disabling "Keep me signed in"

  1. Select Sign Out on any Yahoo website you're currently signed in to.
    - For example, in Yahoo Mail, move your cursor over your name in the upper-right corner, then select Sign Out.
  2. The next time you sign in to Yahoo, uncheck the box next to "Keep me signed in."
  3. Enter your Yahoo ID and password.
  4. Select Sign In.

The next time you sign in, the box will remain unchecked.

Good to know: Clearing your browser's cookies will recheck the "Keep me signed in" box.

To protect your most sensitive data and activities (like changing your password or using your credit card), we'll ask you to re-enter your password when you access some Yahoo services.

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