About League Levels for Head-to-Head Leagues

League Levels are based on the overall average rating of all the managers in that specific Head-to-Head League. League Levels update as individual ratings update (Monday for Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey; Tuesday for Football) and be final at the end of the season.

The purpose of League Levels is to give you a better understanding of the competition level in your league. They appear on your League Standings page the day after your league completes its draft. The higher the level, the more intense the competition. You'll find a ribbon around your league icon depicting the level of your league:

  • Diamond - 900+ Rating and 99th Percentile
  • Platinum - 800-899 and 95th-98th Percentiles
  • Gold - 700-799 and 81st-94th Percentiles
  • Silver - 600-699 and 60th-80th Percentiles
  • Bronze - 0-599 and 0-59th Percentiles