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Continue a group through the playoffs in Pro Football Pick'em

This article explains how continuing your Pro Football Pick'em group through the playoff effects scoring and confidence points.

Confidence Points in Pro Football Pick'em

This article explains what confidence points are and how to assign them during the regular season and playoffs .

Playing Pro Football Pick'em

Welcome to Yahoo Sports Pro Football Pick'em, a weekly game that lets you show your skill and smarts by picking the winner of this year's regular season games. Commissioners of private groups have the option of extending their group's picks through the playoffs as well. Public "Fans of" and "Fans from" groups will not pick through the playoffs.

Trophies in Yahoo Fantasy Sports

We'll post them to your Fantasy Profile once all leagues for that particular game have completed their Fantasy seasons (including playoffs ). The better you perform, the more trophies you'll have a chance to earn.

Start and end dates for the Pro Football Pick'em season

Yahoo Sports Pro Football Pick'em is a free game that runs through the entire 2014-2015 professional football season — which begins on Thursday, Sept. 4, 2014. The regular season is scheduled to end on Sunday, Dec.28, 2014, while the playoffs are scheduled to end on Sunday, Feb. 1, 2015.

Pro Football Pick'em group scoring

The object of Yahoo Sports Pro Football Pick'em is to accumulate as many points as possible by correctly picking the winning team in each of the games played during the season. Commissioners of private groups may elect to have their group pick games through the playoffs , but all public groups end at the conclusion of the regular season.

Using commissioner tools to customize Pick'em Pro Football group

This can provide a helpful record if, for example, your group has agreed upon some informal, custom rules which apply only to your Group. Edit Group Settings: This allows you to edit some of the configurations you chose during registration, including the group password, whether to use confidence points, pick against the spread, use the Yahoo Sports tiebreak system, the start week for your group, whether to drop any scoring weeks, the group's pick deadline, and whether to continue through the playoffs .