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Waivers in Fantasy Football

In public and pro leagues, a waiver system is used for unclaimed players to help maintain a competitive balance for roster changes. About waivers During certain time periods, unclaimed players become subject to a waiver system that allows every team owner a fair shot to pick them up. After the draft, each owner is assigned a waiver priority (usually in reverse order of draft position) for use in making waiver claims.

Reasons for unsuccessful waiver claims

Why didn't you get that player you wanted off waivers ? If you placed a waiver claim on a player and didn't get him, you'll get an email explaining why the claim was denied. The reasons why a waiver claim would be denied are:

Conditional waivers in Fantasy Sports

Learn how to place multiple waiver claims on the same player.

Waiver priority in Fantasy Football

This article describes how waiver priority is determined initially in your league, and then during the rest of the season. Initial waiver priority In live or autopick draft leagues, initial waiver priority is determined by the reverse order of the draft.

Continuous waivers in Fantasy Sports

Level the playing field in your custom league and prevent the weekly mad dash for free agents by enabling "continuous" waivers so that all unclaimed players are on waivers at all times.

Enabling continuous waivers mid-season

If you switch from one waiver system to continuous waivers :

Additional waiver rules in Fantasy Football

This article explains some of the basic rules for Fantasy Football waivers . Here are some rules you'll need to understand when working with waivers: