Waivers in Fantasy Football

New to Fantasy Football, or just not sure how your placement on the waiver wire is determined? Here's what you'll need to know.

Conditional waivers in Fantasy Sports

Learn how to place multiple waiver claims on the same player.

Waiver priority in Fantasy Football

Here's how Yahoo Sports determines which team gets priority over another when picking up a player off Waivers ? Initial waiver priority Live or Auto-pick draft leagues Initial waiver priority is determined by the reverse order of the draft.

Reasons for unsuccessful waiver claims

If you didn't get a player that you had placed a waiver claim, you'll receive an email explaining why the claim was denied. You'll be denied a waiver claim if: Another manager with a higher waiver priority received the player.

Enabling continuous waivers mid-season

If you switch from one waiver system to continuous waivers :

Game-time waivers in Fantasy Football

G ame-time waivers is a new weekly waiver option in Fantasy Football, which can be used in both standard and FAAB waiver systems.

Weekly waivers options in custom Fantasy Football leagues

Custom leagues can be configured using one of several types of weekly waiver options. If you're the commissioner, here's how you can modify your league's waiver settings. From your league's homepage:

Waiver order during the playoffs in Fantasy Football

During the regular season if your league's waivers were set to either of the following settings: Reverse order of standings Weekly rolling list based on standings

Waiver period for dropped players in Fantasy Football

This article explains how long players will be on waivers after they have been dropped by a team.

Change waiver settings in Fantasy Football

Commissioners, the power is yours! Here's how to change your Fantasy Football league's waiver settings, priority list, and dates.