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Yahoo Trade Review is included with all Yahoo Pro Leagues Protesting a trade If a manager feels that the deal is unfair, he/she can lodge an official protest with the Yahoo Sports League Office.
Setting up commissioner review for all trades Click Commish Tools Click Edit League Settings
Make your Yahoo Fantasy Sports league more strategic by allowing trades of next year's picks. Here are some things to know about this feature: All private leagues that use Live or Autopick drafts can enable draft pick trades.
This article will explain what happens when you have a pending trade , and it has suddenly disappeared or vanished without a trace. During the trade review period , you cannot make a roster move (add/drop, another trade processing, moving player off DL) that would subsequently put your team over the roster limit when the trade would process; otherwise, the trade will automatically be rejected.
You'll know of someone has asked you for a trade , bu looking at a Team Note on your "My Team" tab. Here, you can Accept, Reject, or Counter the deal.
This article explains why you received the "Uneven Trade " error message, and how you can fix your trade so it can go through. If you receive an "Uneven Trade" message when attempting to propose or accept a trade, this message in no way relates to player value and does not represent an automated review of the trade's merits.
Trades help you put your own stamp on your fantasy team's roster. Here's a rundown of how to propose, decline, veto, or even counter-offer trades with the other managers in your league.
This article describes how the trade deadline works in Fantasy Basketball and how transactions will be processed after the deadline is reached.
Learn how to veto a trade in leagues with the following settings: League votes Commissioner review
Before you draft, please consider: Draft pick trading is not available for auction draft leagues, or public leagues. Commissioner's Responsibilities As the commissioner of a private league, you are in charge of all aspects of your league, including: Making draft pick trades an option in your league