Yahoo Trade Review

Yahoo Trade Review is included with all Yahoo Fantasy Sports Pro Leagues and is designed to ensure trades are made with complete integrity. Trade Review notifies the entire league once a trade offer is accepted to give managers the opportunity to review and protest the deal before it's finalized. Protest a trade If a manager feels that the deal is unfair, he/she can lodge an official protest with the Yahoo Sports League Office.

Commissioner trade review process

Set up commissioner review for all trades Click Commissioner Click Edit League Settings

Enable draft pick trades

Make your Yahoo Fantasy Sports league more strategic by allowing trades of next year's picks. Enable / disable draft pick trading From your league's homepage, click Commissioner

Uneven trade error message

If you receive an "Uneven Trade " message when attempting to propose or accept a trade , this message in no way relates to player value and doesn't represent an automated review of the trade's merits.

Pending trades that disappear

During the trade review period , you can't make a roster move (add or drop, another trade processing, moving player off DL) that would subsequently put your team over the roster limit when the trade would process. Otherwise, the trade will automatically be rejected.

Yahoo Fantasy Basketball trade deadline

Trades must be offered and accepted prior to 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on the day of your league's trading deadline in order to be processed. Yahoo Sports will continue to process trades after the deadline, provided that they were agreed upon prior to the deadline.

Veto a trade in Fantasy Sports

If there's a trade in your league that seems blatantly unfair, you can veto it. When a trade offer is accepted, the entire league will be notified via email, and the trade will appear on all team pages. League Votes All votes are recorded anonymously.

Trade draft picks in Keeper leagues

Private league Commissioners are responsible for selecting when Keepers are placed in the league's draft order, as well as making draft pick trades an option. Important - Draft pick trading isn't available for auction draft leagues, or public leagues.

Using the "Trading block"

The Trading Block feature is a central location where team managers can view the players, positions, or stat category that other managers are looking to trade away or pick up from other teams. Accessing the Trading Block - On your team's home page, select League

Length of time for trades to process

Once you've proposed a trade , the other team has up to 10 days to take action. If the other team accepts your trade offer, your trade will appear as "Pending" on your team's page. If the trade still shows as "Offered" on your team page, the other team is still considering its options and hasn't responded to your proposal yet.