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Unable to access Chat Rooms No Chat Room available other than Yahoo Chat Admin Please follow the steps provided in the "Resolution" section at the bottom of the Yahoo Help article Messenger Troubleshooting Procedures .
We discontinued Yahoo Messenger public chat rooms in December, 2012. We are sorry that we've disappointed our Yahoo Messenger customers who enjoyed them. We hope you'll continue to use Yahoo Messenger to stay in touch with your friends.
Issues preventing sign in Dropped IMs in chat rooms Unable to select avatar or display image
The Yahoo Messenger Public Chat Rooms will close down on December 14, 2012. As of December 14, 2012, Pingbox will no longer be available on Yahoo Messenger. Yahoo Messenger will no longer be interoperable with Microsoft Windows Live Messenger as of December 14, 2012.
View Conversation History Archived conversations are limited to 100 transactions, interactions or transmissions, or to 20 minutes of chat . Your 101st transaction will initiate a separately archived chat. Similarly, if your chat is idle for more than 20 minutes, your next transaction will begin a separately archived chat. For more information on viruses and spyware please visit: 20 and% 20 Spyware
To chat with your Facebook friends, you first have to link your Yahoo and Facebook accounts.
This article explains why you might sometimes receive what appear to be chat messages in Yahoo Mail.
Unable to add Facebook contacts Unable to access or sign into Facebook Chat Unable to link with Facebook
Get more information about using Yahoo Messenger to chat with contacts who don't have a Yahoo account or are on other networks.