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What Happens when the Internet Connection is Lost in the Middle of a Conversation ?

Yahoo Messenger for the Web will automatically try and reconnect to send your message.

Why am I receiving chat messages in my email?

This article explains why you might sometimes receive what appear to be chat messages in Yahoo Mail.

How many chats can I have going at the same time?

Limit for conversations . Maximum conversations allowed in Yahoo Messenger. You may have up to 100 separate conversations at the same time.

Can I chat with my Facebook friends in Yahoo Messenger?

Facebook has discontinued some of the technology used by products like Yahoo Messenger which allowed features like Facebook chat and status sharing to work outside of Facebook, so those features are no longer available through Yahoo Messenger. Their decision doesn't affect anything else in Yahoo Messenger though, so you can still use it to connect with the rest of your friends, colleagues, and other contacts.

How to type emoticons

When you're chatting with a friend, you can send a graphic to show how you're feeling. These graphics are called "emoticons," because they enhance your words with emotions. For example, when you type this:

What is a Messenger List?

A Messenger List is a list of your co-workers, friends, family, and associates who also use Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Chat , or Yahoo Games. You can send an instant message to anyone on your list, even if they are offline. You can have up to 100 Yahoo IDs on your list.

Save your conversation history with Messenger in Mail

If you have archiving enabled, you can retrieve your Yahoo Messenger conversation history from Yahoo Mail. While it's not possible to directly download your conversations , you can copy and paste them into a text file or Word document. Save your conversation history