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Additional charges to hotel bills

Incidental costs such as meals, laundry, mini-bar, telephone, and parking are not included in your reservation rate. For non-GoodBuy hotel reservations, local and state taxes and fees are not included in your quoted rate, unless stated. These charges generally range from 10% to 20 % of the room rate and are added to your bill when you checkout as well as any incidental charges.

Find your archived conversations and voice call history

Archived conversations are limited to 100 transactions, interactions or transmissions, or to 20 minutes of chat.

How to protect children while chatting online with Yahoo Messenger

This article provides options for how to ensure the safety of children while they are messaging online.

Chat in Yahoo Mail

Chat in Yahoo Mail

Chat through instant messages

Chat through instant messages

Conversations in Yahoo Mail

Reduce clutter by using Conversations to group emails with the same subject.

"Chatting" in Yahoo Answers

Was your answer removed due to a " chatting " violation? Learn what it means, and how you can avoid this type of violation in the future.